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Click Bait: I fell for it. Headline: "Louisiana bill makes it a crime to yell at referees, coaches." Okay. Lock us all up.

We've all been guilty of this "crime." Maybe the disgust with the coach was more of an under the breath mumble, but yelling at officials is part of being a fan. Isn't it?

Back to the headline. After reading further into the story (story being the key word), the part about yelling at referees and coaches being a crime is a bit of a stretch.

Louisiana House Bill 184 states that a crime is committed with the "harassment of a school or recreation athletic contest official."

So, what is harrassment? The bill defines it as "any action that would cause a reasonable person to be placed in fear of receiving bodily harm." That is not the same as yelling.

Yelling is expected. And coaches and especially officials would feel out of place if they weren't being yelled at.

If someone is placing someone else in fear of bodily harm, it's a crime no matter what. It's not limited to game officials or coaches.

What would constitute putting someone in fear of bodily harm? When someone says, 'I'm going whoop your...' If it's a serious threat, it's harrassment.

Click Bait!

I pity officials and coaches many times. Most work for a little bit of money. They take a beating (figurartively) many times from fans and usually parents.

Yes, I know it comes with the territory. Still, these men and women are doing a job most of us wouldn't want.

So, I salute the refs, umps and coaches. Those on the outside will still complain and "yell," but they're not going to get locked up - even in Louisiana. Another fake news story dispelled.

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