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Blowouts: Last week while scanning the AHSAA basketball scoreboard, something caught my eye. It was an area tournament score in the Dadeville/Holtville girls game. Dadeville won 58-3.

I'm not trying to make light of a lopsided defeat, but geez! Routs of this nature are not as rare as you might think. There have been worse.

I go back several years for one that's in my memory. WTLS used to produce a high school sports show called, "Prep Sports Weekly." The program originated from our studio in Tallassee to a statewide audience every Saturday.

This show was year-round, not just during football season. Every week it was my duty to find guests. Well, it was basketball season and I noticed one of those wacky scores; 89-0 in another girls game.

I got the winning coach to join us. It was an interesting coversation. I remember him saying that one of his assistants told him that the other team had not scored as they were walking off the floor at halftime.

He said he did not realize they had not scored, but he would make sure that they got a bucket in the second half.

First off, there's no way that this guy didn't know they had not scored. How can it be 50-0 and you not know there's a goose egg on the scoreboard?

His attempt to 'let them score' failed. Some would say you should score a basket for them. Isn't that even more demoralizing?

Boy, what a ball game. Can you imagine sitting through it?

Wonder what the post-game talk was like for the losing team. Was the coach beside himself? Yes! Was he an encourager? 'We got better in the final period girls. They only outscored us 17-0 in the fourth.'

The most notable blowout in sports has to be the Georgia Tech win over Cumberland in college football. The final was 222-0.

The year was 1916. The Yellowjackets led 128-0 at the half. Cumberland did not gain a first down in the game. Georgia Tech had 20 first downs.

In last year's 59-0 win for Alabama vs. Vanderbilt, the Crimson Tide ended the game with 38 first downs to just three for Vandy. Yes, that's the Commodores' team with the player that exclaimed, 'We want Bama!'

It's a good debate about respect for your opponent and how to handle games when they get out of hand.

Do you run the fullback dive play over and over? Do you tell the backups not to try?

Some will say, 'It's not our fault. It's their job to stop us.'

I give Alabama's Nick Saban some credit. He isn't known for running up the score. Most coaches follow suit. Sometimes what goes around comes around.

Remember the "Run and Shoot" offense at Houston. In 1989, quarterback Andre Ware and company had a field day in a 95-21 shellacking of SMU. This was post-death penalty SMU.

That first class of freshmen got their revenge in their senior seasons with a 41-16 win over the Cougars.

Maybe Holtville will avenge their loss next season when they see Dadeville again or at least keep it within 50.

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