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School supply bus to benefit TCS students


If you have driven down Gilmer Avenue in the past week, you might have noticed a Tallassee City School bus parked just outside the local Hardees. In cooperation with the Tallassee City Schools, Hardees has once again partnered with the community to offer a School Supply bus to benefit students in the system. Dr. Jose Reyes, Jr., principal at Tallassee Elementary School, recently discussed how it all came about.

“In early July I spoke with Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Taylor, two of our PTO members, and they discussed the possibility of getting the School Supply bus concept back to Tallassee, Reyes said. I thought it was a great idea and was aware of other communities who had participated in the past. I ran the idea by Mr. Shipman, TCS Superintendent, and he was quick to respond affirmatively so we just went from there.”

After receiving a positive response from Mr. Shipman, Mr. Reyes contacted Coach Justiss, Tallassee City School’s Transportation Supervisor, to inquire about using one of the system’s buses for the job.

“After talking with Coach Justiss, I learned that he had already been in contact with our local Hardees and there were some plans in place on their end to offer the service. Coach Justiss touched base with them again and it was as easy as getting the bus and putting it in the parking lot at Hardees. It is a great spot because of the high traffic area that it is located in. I am really glad that a couple of our PTO members and Coach Justiss brought this back to my attention as the School Supply bus is certainly needed in order to help provide our students and teachers with those things needed for the day to day operations of the classroom.”

According to Dr. Reyes, the School Supply bus will be at its present location through Thursday, Aug. 6. Community members are asked to bring items such as pencils, paper, rulers, hand sanitizer, and paper towels just to name a few. Complete supply lists can be found for schools in the Tallassee City School System on the schools’ websites or calling individual schools for more information. Items will be collected daily from the School Supply bus and distributed to schools.

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