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New Walmart to open in June

Staff Report

Tallassee's new 69,182 square foot Walmart will open on June 25. The current store, given the moniker "World's Smallest Walmart," is approximately 30,000 square feet.

The new location on Gilmer Avenue next to the National Guard Armory will encompass nine acres of the total 55 acres co-owned by Ben Atkinson and Joe Jeffcoat.

"The city's in dire need for the tax that's been going other places," Jeffcoat said.

The impact will be felt not only tax-wise but with employment according to Walmart store manager Kellye Forehand. "This is huge for Tallassee. It's huge for Walmart. We can't lose that hometown atmosphere. That's what makes our store."

The newer version of the store will include a grocery store with produce department and bakery, as well as a pharmacy. There will not be a vision center.

"Walmart is building four of these stores," Forehand said. "I'm not only here to make a living. I'm here to grow relationships."

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