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Moseley writes Peavey book

By Michael Butler

Tallassee author Willie G. Moseley has penned another book, "Peavey Guitars, The Authorized American History." This is his 12th book.

"It was my idea, but I did want to get it authorized by them," Moseley said. "I spent a lot of my vacation days in 2014 in Meridian, Miss. discussing things with Hartley Peavey, the company founder. He founded the company in 1965."

Peavey made its mark in the music business with its rugged, reliable brand of amplifiers, but the company's guitars are used by a variety of popular musicians. Peavey got into the guitar business in the mid-70s.

"Edward Van Halen had a Peavey guitar and Peavey amplifier," Moseley said. "They worked with him for about eight years. He had a lot of input in designing what he called the "Wolfgang" named after his son."

Moseley, who writes for Vintage Guitar Magazine, conducted interviews for the magazine with many of the Peavey guitarists featured in the book. Moseley is a guitar aficionado himself and owns three Peaveys.

"I've been writing for Vintage Guitar for 26 years. I've done right at 900 interviews," he noted.

Putting together an extensive 255-page history of Peavey Guitars took up Moseley's vacation days for about a year.

"Just because you have a word processor doesn't mean that you're a writer. Research is fascinating because a lot of times you're dealing with personalities that are very different than yours," said Moseley. "If they're notable or a famous person, maybe you can pull something out that people haven't before. I've managed to do that a time or two. With ("Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot"), I got to hang out with Neil Armstrong. That's about as rock star as it gets."

"Peavey Guitars, The Authorized American History" is available through Nautilus Publishing:

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