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Moore issues statement on Speaker election


Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) issued the following statement after Kevin McCarthy was elected by the House of Representatives as its Speaker. Moore supported McCarthy after intensive months-long negotiations between Republican leadership and the House Freedom Caucus which yielded significant reform to the rules governing the operation of the House. After the vote, Moore was sworn in to the 118th Congress with his colleagues.

“Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy for his election to Speaker of the House," said Moore. "With this vote complete, House Republicans will get to work using the power of the purse and our Constitutional oversight authority to hold the Biden administration accountable and fight its radical agenda.

“For me and my conservative colleagues, this vote was less about individual personalities than taking advantage of an historic opportunity to negotiate much-needed rules changes to ensure every congressman, regardless of political ideology, can provide more input to the legislative process and therefore more effectively represent the people of their district. With the rules changes we negotiated, individual legislators will possess the ability and responsibility to offer and vote on amendments and to write bills in committees. With more direct input into the workings of the House where they serve, elected legislators will be more accountable to the voters, and I am hopeful the House will function more effectively and as our Constitutional framers intended.

“It is truly an honor to begin my second term, and as long as I am in office, I pledge to serve the Alabamians I represent, not a Speaker, not a political party or leadership structure, and not a special interest. I look forward to continuing my work for Alabama and our nation in this Congress.”